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The Leading Repair Shop in St. Marys to Fix a Malfunctioning VANOS in a BMW

The Leading Repair Shop in St. Marys to Fix a Malfunctioning VANOS in a BMW

If the VANOS system in your BMW fails, you will experience various issues to include lackluster performance, rough drivability, and a loss of power. If you suspect that your BMW is experiencing performance issues, get it checked out by our team of ASE-Certified technicians.

The VANOS system was designed to provide both low-end and high-end power that was not previously seen in BMWs. Before the VANOS system, engine timing adjustments had to be done manually. To fix this issue, the VANOS system automated the process, which improved power, torque, efficiency, and performance. By automating the process, it allowed for adjustments on the go. This means that the VANOS solenoids release the right amount of oil pressure to provide optimal power.

Based on the year and the model of your BMW, the type of VANOS system will change:

●      Single VANOS: M50, M52, S52, and M62TU engines. Models 1992-2002.

●      Double VANOS: M52 TU, M54, S54, and N54 engines. Models 1999-2010.

●      Double VANOS with Valvetronic: N52, N55, N62, N62 TU, N73, and N74 engines. Models 2004-2015.

Symptoms of a failing VANOS System

The VANOS system in BMWs is essential in keeping your engine running properly, and when it starts to malfunction, you will notice several issues. Below are the common symptoms of a failing VANOS system:

●      Check Engine Light

●      Rough Drivability

●      Bad Fuel Economy

●      Poor Power and Torque

●      Rough Idling

●      Slow Acceleration

●      Difficult to Start

●      Stalling While Idle

●      Poor Fuel Economy

If you notice any of the issues above, it is time to get it checked out by our team of professionals who are experienced in VANOS troubleshooting and diagnostics. Some of these symptoms are shared with other issues that your BMW may face. So it is essential that you get it checked out once you notice any issues to prevent easy repairs from becoming critical failures.

Reasons a VANOS System Fails

It is important to complete your vehicle’s factory-scheduled maintenance at its designated milestones. By completing these preventive maintenance checks, it can improve the overall lifespan of your VANOS system. However, the VANOS system could still fail.

Here are two main reasons why a VANOS system can have problems:

●      Solenoid Issues: Dirt and debris can obstruct a solenoid, preventing it from working properly.

●      Failed O-Ring: O-rings are made out of rubber, and over time, these rings start to break down. This can cause failure of the VANOS system.

Every 50,000 miles, you need to ensure that the seals are replaced, which will help prevent leaks and keep your VANOS operational. After every 70,000 miles, it is recommended that you completely swap out the VANOS system. However, the system may last past that milestone, especially when you take good care of your BMW.

Our mechanics are experienced in maintaining and servicing BMWs and will have your car running at peak performance fast.

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