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Why Changing Your Engine Oil is Important for Your Mercedes-Benz in St. Mary

Oil changes help prevent damage to your engine from a lack of lubrication. For a Mercedes-Benz brand vehicle, oil changes are possibly more important than to other cars. To help understand what is essential in your Mercedes-Benz servicing plan, let’s discuss why an engine oil change is important for your Mercedes-Benz.

Engine Oil Changes are Important

We all know the quality-driven brand of Mercedes is at the top of its class when it comes to engineering. For this reason, a Mercedes uses tolerances within its engine components to allow for much fewer errors.

When moving metal parts of an engine have tight tolerances, they build friction as the parts move within the motor. The design of engine oil protects the moving parts of the engine by lubricating them as they move close to one another. The aftereffect is an engine that runs cooler with little wear.

How Often Should Oil Changes Occur

The Mercedes-Benz recommended frequency for oil changes occurs every 10,000 miles as long as the car is in good condition and not burning oil. Older cars that tend to burn oil will be assessed by your Mercedes technician and a program explicitly set for them.

In the past, oil changes took place around every 2500 miles. Over the years, oil improvements, like synthetic types, have allowed cars to function for many more hours and miles before the need for an oil change.

What Happens If You Skip an Oil Change

Even with the life of the newer synthetic oils, going beyond your oil change due date will be detrimental to your Mercedes-Benz. Some people think that if they can drive ten-thousand miles, why not fifteen thousand? Mercedes and other automakers have found, once you go over the allotted time frames for an oil change, the oil begins to break down.

Once oil breaks down, it adds little value to your vehicle. Lubrication suffers when the breakdown occurs and allows friction to build within the engine. After this, your oil will act as an enemy to your engine and cause damage. If you are thinking of saving money by extending the time between oil changes, do not do it. A complete seizing of your engine and replacement will cost thousands of dollars more than an oil and filter change.

Other Reasons Not to Miss an Oil Change

The oil change in your Mercedes-Benz takes place as part of a ten-thousand-mile service package that includes more than just an oil change. Called Service A and Service B, these necessary maintenance appointments rotate essential inspections, fluid changes, and safety checks needed to keep your Mercedes-Benz running in top condition. Here is an example of the two plans:

Service A at 10,000 miles

●      synthetic oil and oil filter replacement

●      all fluid level checks and top-offs

●      tire inflation check and correction

●      full brake system inspection

●      reset of the maintenance counter

Service B at 20,000 miles

●      synthetic oil and oil filter replacement

●      cabin dust/combination filter replacement

●      full brake system inspection and brake fluid exchange

●      tire inflation check and correction

●      all fluid level checks and top-offs

●      reset of the maintenance counter

As the 2 types of service rotate, and your Mercedes-Benz builds more road miles, more items are added to the service plans. Things like suspension checks, bolt tightening, sensor replacements, and other essential inspections are involved in keeping your car healthy and on the road.

Who to Choose for Oil Changes

Due to the high price and wait times at most dealerships, many people seek other options for servicing their Mercedes-Benz. This is understandable as long as you choose wisely. Not any corner oil change shop should touch your Mercedes-Benz.

When choosing someone to maintain your vehicle, make sure they are experienced and trained to provide a full Service A and Service B experience. Choosing the right service center means the technicians need to have the training, certification, and experience not only in servicing but also in making repairs to a Mercedes-Benz and other high-end automobiles.

Service You Can Count On

If you are looking for a dealership alternative for your Mercedes-Benz, bring it to us at Royalty Auto Service. We proudly service Amelia Island, Brunswick, Kingsland, King Bay Base, Woodbine, Yulee, and St Marys, GA. Our ASE certified technicians will place your Mercedes-Benz or other vehicles on a service plan tailored for your car’s needs. Call us today to keep your vehicle healthy and on the road where it belongs.

* Mercedes-Benz C-Class image credit goes to:teddyleung.


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