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Watch for These 6 Signs of a Bad BMW Alternator in St. Mary

Watch for These 6 Signs of a Bad BMW Alternator in St. Mary

With their sleek designs, sophisticated interior, and high-quality parts, BMW’s are a true icon of the roadways. Unfortunately, they still experience their share of problems from time to time, and failing parts can be expensive to replace. One of such parts is your BMW’s alternator. Let’s discuss the purpose of the alternator in your BMW, point out warning signs that your alternator is failing, and discuss where to go to repair or replace your alternator.

Purpose of the Alternator

The alternator provides your car with electricity and helps recharge the battery. Your car’s alternator produces electricity with the help of the engine. Alternators are driven by the engine’s crankshaft via a serpentine belt. This mechanical energy created by the belt spins the alternator’s rotor at a high speed, creating the electricity your car relies on to run.

As the alternator is one of the most important parts of your BMW and absolutely necessary for it to operate, warning signs of something wrong should not be ignored. Alternators are very expensive to replace, so it is imperative you make an appointment for your car to be seen as soon as possible if you suspect something is not right.

Signs of a Bad BMW Alternator

If you experience any of the below warning signs of a bad alternator, take your BMW in to be seen by a trusted mechanic as soon as possible to avoid further damage and an expensive repair bill:

●      A Dashboard Light Comes On: The first indication something may be amiss with your alternator is your check engine light or other dashboard light illuminating. A warning indicator light in the dashboard for your alternator may be titled “ALT” or “GEN.” If any dashboard lights pop on your dashboard, take your vehicle in for service as soon as possible, even if you do not detect any symptoms of a problem. Prevention is important when it comes to preserving your alternator.

●      Dim or Flickering Headlights: Another sign your alternator may be in trouble are dim or flickering headlights. These are a strong indicator your alternator may not be working correctly, since the alternator provides power to your vehicle’s headlights. If you’re driving at night and notice the beam from your headlights is dim or flickering, it’s time to schedule an appointment.

●      Electrical Failures: Since the alternator powers other systems in your vehicle, a failing alternator can contribute to electrical failures in other systems. It can affect power windows, dashboard lights, air conditioning, power locks, and your car radio.

●      Car Stalling or Difficulty Starting: If you have a hard time turning your car over to start the engine, it could signify trouble with your alternator. Your car needs electricity to start just as much as it needs gasoline to run. Since the alternator gives power to the spark plugs that ignite the gasoline in your engine, you will experience trouble starting your car with a faulty alternator. Ignore this issue long enough, and eventually your car won’t start at all, so it’s important you act quickly if you are experiencing this issue.

●      A Dead Battery: Alternators are responsible for charging your car’s battery, so if it is failing, it cannot recharge the battery and the battery can die.

●      Unusual Noises: If the alternator is failing, it can cause some of the bearings to fail in the engine and create abnormal rattling sounds that should not be ignored.

Royalty Auto Service Can Help

If you suspect your BMW’s alternator is failing, it’s time to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle seen to avoid further damage and expensive repair bills. At Royalty Auto Service, we can examine your vehicle and diagnose any problems with your alternator.

We proudly service clients in the Amelia Island, Brunswick, Kingsland, King Bay Base, Woodbine, Yulee, St. Marys, Georgia areas and have years of experience working on BMW’s. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment, and we’ll have your BMW back to running efficiently in no time, so you can just focus on getting back on the road without the stress of car troubles. We look forward to earning your trust and becoming your go-to destination for all your BMW’s needs.


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