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The Leading Repair Shop in St. Marys to Fix Jaguar Exhaust Manifold Gasket Failure

Jaguar is known for luxury, confidence, and exceptional quality. The brand has remained a top name in the world of luxury cars for decades. Their evolution over the years has resulted in highly stylized, well-crafted models that demand care and maintenance.

With the clamour for reduced vehicle emissions, Jaguar engineers have taken several measures to ensure that their vehicles are safe for the sustainability of the environment. Prior to the introduction of electric vehicles, the exhaust manifold gasket was one of such measures employed by auto manufacturers to reduce vehicle emission.

What is an exhaust manifold gasket?

An exhaust manifold gasket bolts the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head, thereby preventing exhaust leakage out of the connection. This also ensures that all exhaust gas flows through the catalytic converter for toxic waste treatment.

The manifold and cylinder head work in consonance to ensure the smooth performance of the car. The exhaust manifold gasket also helps ensure that the car runs smoothly and with greater power. When there is exhaust manifold gasket failure in your Jaguar, it can give rise to other issues if left unattended.

Symptoms of Exhaust Manifold Gasket Failure in Jaguar

Some indications of a failing or failed exhaust manifold gasket in your Jaguar include:

Loud, erratic noise

When there is an excessive noise coming from your engine, this may indicate exhaust manifold gasket failure. The reason for this noise isn’t far-fetched. When an exhaust manifold gasket failure occurs in your Jaguar, gases previously contained in the manifold may leak. It is this leakage that causes erratic noises from your engine, such as hissing and tapping. These engine noises are easily detected while accelerating or during a cold start.

Engine Overheating

When experiencing engine-related issues, like overheating in your Jaguar, it could indicate exhaust manifold gasket failure. Although other reasons could cause your engine to overheat, the most common indicator of an exhaust manifold gasket failure is a rapid increase in your engine temperature. This can be caused by manifold gasket leakage or a general drop in coolant level.

Engine Stalling

When you constantly ignore manifold gasket leakages in your Jaguar, it can cause your engine to stall. This leak, when overlooked, causes a drop in pressure within the exhaust manifold gasket resulting in an engine stall.

Decrease in Power and Acceleration

An exhaust manifold gasket failure can cause performance issues in your Jaguar.  Some of these performance issues may come in the form of a gradual decrease in power or acceleration. If you notice your Jaguar takes a longer time to build up speed, you might want a technician to have a look.

Decrease Fuel Efficiency

A decrease in power and acceleration would most time take its toll on your Jaguar. At this point, you would notice that your car is using more energy for less work. This decreases fuel efficiency, since it is consuming more fuel than usual. Before you know it, you can shell out more on gas expenses, resulting in a disruption of your financial budget.

Burning Smell from the Engine Bay

If your exhaust manifold gasket fails and begins to leak close to any part of the engine that contains wiring or is made of plastic, the heat from this leakage can reach a very high temperature, causing the parts it comes in contact with to burn. These parts then emit a burning smell which is sometimes accompanied by a little bit of smoke.

If you smell a burning engine or see any smoke coming from your Jaguar, it is important to get the issue examined by an expert immediately to avoid any risk posed to your vehicle. A faulty exhaust manifold gasket can hinder the smooth and efficient running of your vehicle. Therefore, you should have your car inspected whenever you suspect an issue with your exhaust manifold gaskets.

Royalty Auto Service for Your Jaguar

When it comes to Jaguar service and repairs, do not settle for less. To ensure the long-term performance and quality of your Jaguar, turn to quality service you can trust. At Royalty Auto Service, our ASE certified technicians provide the highest quality care possible using the latest factory-grade tools and equipment. We are located at St. Marys, GA and also welcome drivers from Amelia Island, Brunswick, Kingsland, King Bay Base, Woodbine, and Yulee. Call us today!

* Jaguar Car image credit goes to:YuriyVlasenko.


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