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HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is the climate control system in your BMW. The blower performs the simple function of blowing out heat when using your BMW’s heater and blowing cool air when using the air conditioner. If the blower is not working properly, you cannot use the heater or the air conditioner in the vehicle. This can lead to great inconvenience, especially if it is a particularly hot day.

Signs of a Faulty HVAC Blower

●      Lack of Airflow: If the HVAC blower is not functioning properly, the air in your cabin may not be as hot or cold as desired. There will also be a lack of airflow from the vents.

●      Strength of Air Flow: If the strength at which the air blows is insufficient or inconsistent, it indicates a failure in the HVAC blower system.

●      Temperature: In a few cases the air flow might still work but only at the one or low speed out of all the different choices available. This will not allow any drastic temperature change in your BMW, which can cause discomfort.

Causes of a Faulty HVAC Blower

●      Refrigerator Leak: If there is no difference in the temperature of the air when you switch it from hot to cool, it may be because of a refrigerator leak. If there is a leak, it will prevent the system from releasing the cool air.

●      HVAC Compressor: If the air goes from cold to warm when the car has been running, it is likely that there is a leak in the HVAC compressor.

●      HVAC System: There could also be a leak in the hoses of the HVAC system.

●      Faulty Compressor Clutch: A faulty compressor clutch will keep a set pressure in the HVAC system.

●      Electronic Error: An error between the dashboard controls and the blower control can cause the HVAC system to fail.

●      Blower Resistor Overloading: It can be inaccurately programmed with current measurements during manufacturing at BMW.

●      Wear and Tear: Vehicle aging and wear and tear accumulated over time can cause the HVAC blower to fail.

●      Malfunctioning Relay Components: The HVAC blower is made up of many parts. If one of them is not functioning properly, it can lead to the failure of the entire system. Failure of electronic pieces and a burnt-out blower can be the cause too.

●      Faulty Blower Motor Relay: This can cause the HVAC blower to malfunction and cut the airflow as this component powers the HVAC blower.

●      Wiring of the Car: The wiring or the circuitry of your BMW can also be the culprit and stop the HVAC blower from functioning properly.

●      Thermostat: The thermostat controls the temperature. When it fails, the HVAC blower loses the ability to cool or heat the car. Signs of the thermostat failing can be inconsistent heating and cooling.

The HVAC blower is one of the components of the HVAC system as a whole. It is very susceptible to failure, especially in the summer months. The repairs will be dependent on the part that is causing the error. To diagnose the problem correctly, it is important to take your BMW to our certified technician so they can find the source of the HVAC blower failure.

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