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The Best Repair Shop in St. Marys for Fixing Gear Selector Issues in a Mercedes

The Best Repair Shop in St. Marys for Fixing Gear Selector Issues in a Mercedes

Part of ensuring that your Mercedes remains in optimal condition is by keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule. This way, all parts are routinely checked. Even when you do this, there can still be times when additional parts require maintenance. One such part for you to keep an eye on is the gear selector. Continue reading to learn more about the gear selector function, causes of gear selector issues, signs of gear selector issues, and the best repair shop to go to for fixing the issue.

The Function of the Gear Selector

The gear selector is part of the transmission system, which is in charge of controlling the overall movement of the Mercedes. The gear selector is the part of the transmission system, which is responsible for smoothly selecting and changing gears to provide movement.

Mercedes vehicles have an automatic gear selector, so when you reach a certain RPM, the gears automatically change to the appropriate one. When this process is done seamlessly, the driver should not even know that it is being done, because the gears are changing so smoothly. However, when your gear selector has issues, your Mercedes becomes difficult to drive and ultimately may not be driveable at all.

Two Common Causes of Gear Selector Issues

There are two main reasons why the gear selector in your Mercedes is having issues. The first is that the valve body has failed. The valve body is the part of the transmission that controls the flow and pressure of the transmission fluid.

When the valve body malfunctions, the transmission fluid is unable to flow at the right pressure. This optimal pressure is what is required for the gear selection process to occur. So without a properly functioning valve body, the pressure of the hydraulic fluid will not be enough for a smooth gear change. In addition to this, the gears may not change at all.

The second cause of gear selector issues is wear and tear. Numerous parts make up the transmission system and they all must work together so the gears can smoothly change. So when one part wears out over time or because of corrosion, an effect on the gear selector can be seen.

Easily-Recognizable Signs of Gear Selector Issues

The first sign of gear selector issues in your Mercedes is slipping gears. If you are accelerating and the gear changes to a lower gear as opposed to a higher gear, then your Mercedes just experienced a gear slip. Slipping gears generally occur when a part in the transmission is faulty so the correct pressure is not maintained.

The second sign to look for that points to gear selector issues is rough or hesitant gear changes. As previously stated, the gear selector should function smoothly so you are not even aware that it is occurring. So when there is an issue with the gear selector, you may feel jarring as the gears attempt to shift or your Mercedes may experience a delay in the gear changes. Both of these instances point to gear selector issues.

One last sign of gear selector issues is unusual noises. If you hear clunking or clicking noises every time the gear changes, then you know that there is an issue with the gear selector. The smaller parts in the transmission are generally the first to fail and fall apart. This happens when there is not enough lubrication or can happen over time. So the clicking noises heard when changing gears are the loose parts moving around in the transmission system.

Fixing the Gear Selector Issue in your Mercedes

Now that you know some of the causes and what signs to look for when gear selector issues occur, it is time to bring your Mercedes into your trusted mechanics at Royalty Auto Service in St. Mary’s, GA.

In our service center, we inspect and diagnose many different makes and models to make efficient repairs. We utilize the best tools and technologies available for your make and model. We always treat the vehicles we are servicing as if they were our own so you know that your car is properly serviced.

Make an appointment with us today to have your gear selector issues fixed or to have maintenance performed. We look forward to earning your patronage.


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