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Symptoms of Suspension Bushing Failure in Your Volvo

Symptoms of Suspension Bushing Failure in Your Volvo

Bushings are the rubber pads that serve as shock absorbers in your Volvo's suspension systems and they seldom last the whole lifecycle of the car. They are very important parts of the suspension system as they provide a barrier between the car's cabin, divots, and bumps. Your Volvo is easier and smoother to drive thanks to the suspension bushing. You can find suspension bushings at every point that a joint has been formed all through the suspension system. They protect the joints from the wear and tear that comes with grinding. Whenever the bushing around a joint begins to weaken, it loses its ability to absorb road shocks and its noise-absorbing capabilities. Some places burn through bushings more quickly than others. The drop-link, anti-roll bar, mounts, control arms, and shock abs ... read more


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