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5 Noises From Your Kia That Require Immediate Attention In St Marys

5 Noises From Your Kia That Require Immediate Attention In St Marys

Ever heard a strange noise coming from your Kia and wondered what could have gone wrong? Well, sometimes those odd sounds can be warning signals from your car letting you know it's time to give it some extra care before things get worse. Let's talk about five noises that mean you should probably give your Kia some attention sooner rather than later. Grinding or Squealing Brakes If you ever step on your brakes and hear a nasty screeching or grinding sound, it means your Kia is telling you that the brake pads are close to or have reached the end of their life. Brake pads have this little piece of metal that makes a loud noise on purpose when they're worn out and come in contact with the brake rotor, so you know it's time to change them. If you keep driving without fi ... read more


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