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How to Fix an Illuminated Airbag Light in Kia Vehicle

How to Fix an Illuminated Airbag Light in Kia Vehicle

Unlike other faulty components with several indicators, an illuminated airbag light on the dashboard is the only warning a driver gets for a defective airbag system. You don't want to be without the airbags during a collision. Although KIA's airbags have a long lifespan and can last more than 10 years (as your vehicle is not involved in a crash) some factors could still cause the airbag's failure. Causes of an Illuminated Airbag Light First, let's look at how an airbag works: The crash sensor sends a signal to an ignitor during a collision, which activates the airbags to cushion the vehicle occupants. The collision sensor is triggered based on the severity of the collision. After the airbag has been inflated, the airbag warning light pops up on the dashboard to alert the driver to have t ... read more


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