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Reasons for Illumination of the Check Engine Light in Your Audi From Your Expert Mechanics in St. Marys

Reasons for Illumination of the Check Engine Light in Your Audi From Your Expert Mechanics in St. Marys

Owners of Audi vehicles know that their vehicle is not only safe and reliable, but it is unique with features that were designed to enhance the driving experience. The best way to keep an Audi vehicle in optimal condition is to keep and follow a regular maintenance schedule. Even with this schedule in place, there are times when other parts need servicing. The way you are alerted to these parts is through the check engine light. Continue reading to learn more about the function of the check engine light, the reasons behind its illumination, and where to go to have the issues addressed.

The Purpose of the Check Engine Light

The check engine light is one of the most important lights on the dashboard and is responsible for alerting the driver of an issue that is occurring under the hood. That issue could be mild or severe.

As the check engine light is illuminating, it is actually doing two things at once. It is alerting you to a problem and also telling the trusted mechanic where to find the issue through a code. This code is important because when you bring your Audi in for servicing, your mechanic will use a diagnostic tool to discover the issue. All of this can be done because of the code produced by the check engine light.

Reasons Behind Check Engine Illumination

The check engine light is linked to numerous parts under the hood so when the light illuminates, there are many reasons why the light could turn on.

The first reason and easiest to fix is the gas cap. After filling up the gas tank, the cap should be properly and tightly screwed on. This ensures that the fuel economy is always optimal, and it also reduces the chances that harmful fumes leak out into the atmosphere. So to prevent these things from happening, the check engine light will come on if you have accidentally forgotten to tighten your gas cap.

A second reason behind the illumination of the check engine light is spark plug wear and tear or failure. The spark plugs need to always function in optimal condition to avoid engine misfires or other, more dangerous issues. The spark plugs are responsible for providing the spark that is required to keep the engine running smoothly. Without the spark plugs, the engine would not run at all. So with malfunctioning spark plugs, engine misfires and jerking are likely.

Another cause for the illumination of the check engine light in your Audi is oxygen sensor failure. Just as the engine needs the spark plugs to function, the engine also needs the proper amount of oxygen. The oxygen in the engine is monitored by the oxygen sensor and the oxygen sensor is what allows the exact amount of oxygen into the engine. This careful balance leads to optimal performance in your Audi. So if there is an issue with the oxygen sensor, the engine does not perform as required and the check engine light illuminates.

Last, the check engine light may illuminate due to catalytic converter issues. The catalytic converter is responsible for converting harmful and dangerous emissions to milder compounds that are then released into the atmosphere. This process ensures that the least amount of damage occurs in the atmosphere.

The catalytic converter is also a crucial part when it comes to being able to pass emissions tests that some states require. When this part is damaged or has failed, the check engine light comes on to warn you of your requirements.

Addressing the Check Engine Light in your Audi

As you can see, there are numerous reasons behind the check engine light illuminating with all of them potentially leading to larger problems if not addressed. This is why you should bring your Audi to us at Royalty Auto Service in St. Mary’s, GA as soon as you see this warning signal on your dashboard.

Using the latest diagnostic tools, our expert mechanics determine the exact reason behind the illumination of the check engine light and address it quickly. You and your Audi will be safely back on the road, driving with confidence and pride in your vehicle. Contact us today for an appointment.



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