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Reasons Behind Loose Front End Steering in Your Mercedes


The Mercedes is one of the most luxurious and comfortable vehicles on the road. A major reason for their success is the seamless manner in which they can handle multiple conditions on the road. A contributing factor to this comfort lies in the collaborative function of both the suspension system and the front-end steering system.

The front-end steering system functions to ensure the driver's overall safety and ultimate comfort. The reason behind this is its connection to the chassis and suspension. The collaboration between these systems and parts plays a huge role in making the driving experience so comfortable.

Functions of Front End Steering

The front-end steering system in your Mercedes consists of various components that are connected and tightly secured to allow for fully responsive steering. Some of the connected components include tie rod ends, axial rods, several arms, and drag linkages.

One of the main purposes of your front-end steering is to help control the manner in which your tires interact with the surface of the road. Along with your suspension system, the steering system will help absorb shocks from the road’s surface to create the best possible handling and navigation of the road.

Symptoms of a Loose Front End Steering System

A defective steering system can be extremely dangerous to you and your loved ones. If your vehicle is experiencing any of the following problems, you should cease driving it until you can get it into a licensed mechanic.

Eight common symptoms of a bad steering system include:

  1. Steering Wheel is Not Straight: A faulty steering wheel can cause your steering column to also be faulty. Other possible causes could be improper alignment or low tire pressure.
  2. Too Much Play in the Steering Wheel: Excessive play in the steering wheel can be caused by a number of issues. The best way to detect the main culprit is to have your Mercedes looked at by a licensed mechanic.
  3. Steering Wheel is Hard to Turn: Faulty gears or gaskets could be to blame for a steering wheel that requires extra force to turn.
  4. Shaking Steering Wheel: If a tie rod is going bad, it could cause your steering wheel to shake or vibrate.
  5. Steering Wheel Hard to Turn Right After Startup: It is possible to have steering issues that only pop up right after starting and go away as soon as your vehicle warms up. This can be caused by a faulty steering rack that gets lubricated after warming up, which causes the issues to stop.
  6. Uneven Tire Wear: If you notice that your tires are wearing down unevenly, you may have an issue with the steering system. Uneven tire wear could also be a sign of misalignment or low air pressure, so it's best to get your vehicle into a trusted shop for inspection.
  7. Car Pulls to One Side: If your Mercedes is regularly pulling to one side, you should definitely have it inspected. This could either be due to improper alignment or faulty tie rods.
  8. Unusual Noises When Turning: If you notice any odd sounds like squealing or rumbling that can only be heard when turning, it's a good indicator that you have a failing steering component.

Causes of Loose Front End Steering

The front-end steering system in your Mercedes is composed of many different parts which can lead to many different issues. The following list is just a few of the possible causes for steering issues:

●      Direct Hit: If you have collided with potholes, curbs, rocks, or other debris while driving, you should take a moment to determine if your steering system seems compromised in any way. Such an impact can also cause your Mercedes to have loose or unresponsive front-end steering due to damage to the entire alignment system.

●      Bad Tires: Old, uneven, or worn-out tires can all affect the weight distribution and overall alignment of your vehicle. Any of these tired conditions can result in unnecessary pressure being put on your linkage sockets and gears. A common result of this pressure can lead to loose front-end steering.

●      Mercedes Out of Alignment: If your notice your Mercedes is shaking or vibrating or has a lot of play at high speeds, there is a good possibility that it is out of alignment. It would be a good idea to schedule an alignment at a licensed facility right away.

Royalty Auto Service to Fix Your Loose Front-End Steering

If you think your Mercedes is having steering issues and you live in the Amelia Island, Brunswick, Kingsland, King Bay Base, Woodbine, Yulee, or St Marys, GA area, contact Royalty Auto Service right away. We look forward to working with you.

* Mercedes Shaking Steering Wheel image credit goes to Oksana Kuznetsova.


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