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Expert Help in Kingsland for Land Rover Coolant Leaks


One of the most frequent problems drivers deal with is a coolant leak. This type of leak can negatively affect your Land Rover's engine performance. Coolant (or antifreeze) is necessary for your SUV to control internal engine temperature.

Coolant runs through a specific path, transferring engine heat to the radiator, where it is cooled before being recirculated back through your hot engine. Oil also helps disperse heat, though it has other functions, such as preventing friction.

Coolant also protects against freezing, hence why it is sometimes called antifreeze. The engine cooling system uses this fluid to prevent parts from becoming too hot and melting the metal components of your Land Rover's engine. The damage to the engine can be merciless if there is no coolant in your system.

The Most Common Reasons for Coolant Leaks

There are many reasons coolant can leak, but the following list includes some of the most common sources we see daily in our shop:

  • Radiator cap leak: The radiator cap on your Land Rover will enable coolant to leak if it has an improper fit or a loose seal when it becomes heated. It's possible that your radiator cap is the incorrect fit for your Land Rover.
  • Failed water pump: A water pump helps the coolant in your system circulate. It is connected to the lower hose of the radiator. Fluids can leak when the water pump breaks or malfunctions, causing your Land Rover's engine to overheat, rust, and even warp.
  • Hose failure: This is another key factor in coolant leaks. Extreme temperatures can cause hoses to stiffen and crack. In addition, the numerous hoses that link your Land Rover's coolant to the radiator are subject to hose wear and tear. As a result, you might encounter a coolant leak.
  • A hole in the radiator: A hole in the radiator caused by corrosion is one of the most frequent reasons for coolant leaks. As a result of the extensive wear and degeneration over time of the radiator, debris may also enter the engine and puncture these weakened radiator tubes, causing a leak.

The Telltale Signs of a Coolant Leak

The signs of a coolant leak are usually easy to spot, so take a look and watch for these red flags:

  • An overheated engine: If the temperature gauge on your Land Rover suddenly increases above normal, your engine may overheat. This could be caused by a lack of coolant. It is important to never open the hood and try to pour coolant into a hot engine. Wait at least 30 minutes after turning off your engine to investigate if there is coolant in the reservoir.
  • A puddle of bright-colored fluid under your SUV: A puddle under your automobile is one of the most glaring indications of an external coolant leak. If the fluid is pink, yellow, orange, or bright green, it is most likely coolant. Make sure to immediately clean this up in a garage and keep kids and pets away from the fluid because it is corrosive and poisonous to loved ones.

Bring your Land Rover to our mechanics as soon as possible if you suspect you have a coolant problem.

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