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Bring Your Land Rover to Us to Replace the Serpentine Belt in St. Marys

A Land Rover is a powerful SUV with incredible off-roading capabilities. With a four-wheel drive, Land Rovers seem almost unstoppable. In some cases, you might hit a snag when the serpentine belt is damaged. Fixing it yourself is definitely not an option. You should bring it to our qualified mechanics for replacement. However, there are things you can do to prevent such a situation from occurring.

Signs of a Serpentine Belt Problem

First, we need to know the signs of a failing serpentine belt:

●      Squealing noise: Whenever your Land Rover starts making a squealing noise from the front of your vehicle, it could be a result of a misaligned serpentine belt. What you should do in this case is to quickly drive to our professional mechanics to help check the problem. We will determine if the serpentine belt needs to be changed or properly aligned.

●      Power steering problem: A broken or completely damaged serpentine belt is one factor that can cause the power steering to fail. This is because the serpentine belt helps to transmit and amplify the forces from the steering to the tires. When power steering fails while driving, it could lead to an accident. So always take your vehicle for an inspection.

●      Air Conditioning problems: A damaged serpentine belt will affect the cooling fans and, invariably, affect the air conditioning system.

●      Engine overheating: Since the serpentine belt is an integral part of the cooling system, a damaged belt will lead to overheating of the engine, which could lead to worse problems.

●      Cracks on the belt: Cracks on the serpentine belt are an indication that it could break at any time. So always make sure the belts are intact.

Causes of Serpentine Belt Problems in Your Land Rover

The serpentine belt has several direct and indirect functions, which makes it a necessary component for the optimal efficiency of your car. Your Land Rover can have a breakdown with a damaged belt, so it is important to know the things that could lead to a serpentine belt failure.

The most common causes are:

●      Age: The most common cause of a serpentine belt problem in your Land Rover is age. A belt will become cracked or even frayed when old. A serpentine belt usually lasts between 60,000 to 100,000 miles. If your belt has worked within this range, you should be ready for a replacement before any problem arises.

●      Pulley or Belt Misalignment: Misalignment causes the serpentine belt to dislodge from its track, which can be a safety hazard and cause catastrophic engine damage.

●      Fluid contamination: Oil leaks or coolant leaks can erode the belt surface and even make the belt slippery. It will also attract dirt and make it gritty, which can wear it down until it snaps.

●      Tensioner defect: A defective tensioner can cause the belt to come off or, in some cases, damage the belt. In the case of a faulty tensioner, replacing the tensioner involves loosening the bolt holding it. Trying this yourself can lead to misalignment, so it is advisable to bring your car to us for repairs.

Sometimes you may want to use your Land Rover for a picnic on rugged terrain, but a damaged serpentine belt might leave you stranded. A regular and routine visit to a reliable auto repair shop for inspection and servicing is ideal to keep your Land Rover mobile and fully-functional.

Fix Your Land Rover at Royalty Auto Service in St Mary

For a perfect serpentine belt replacement on your Land Rover, you need a qualified mechanic from a reliable auto repair shop that provides top-notch services without delays.

Royalty Auto Service provides high-quality service, honest assessments, and repair recommendations, coupled with friendly and honest customer service. We are conveniently located in St. Marys, GA. We also serve customers from Amelia Island, Brunswick, Kingsland, King Bay Base, Woodbine, and Yulee, GA.

Amenities at Royalty Auto Service:

●      ASE certified technicians

●      5-year/50,000-mile warranty

●      Complimentary car wash, inside and out with every service

●      Fee vehicle pick-up and drop-off

●      Free coffee with snacks and soda available

●      Courtesy shuttle pick-up and drop-off

●      Convenient play area for kids while you wait

For appointments, inquiries, and to speak with our customer service team, call us now at (912) 576-2886.

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