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5 Warning Signs of Suspension Issues in Your Volkswagen

Your Volkswagen comes equipped with a state of the art suspension system. However, recent recalls over suspension concerns makes it doubly important to pay attention to the quality of your Volkswagen’s ride.

This article is going to cover some of the most common signs that your Volkswagen has issues with the suspension. Keep an eye out for these warnings signs so you can get the problem addressed as soon as possible.

Abnormally Bumpy Ride

Chances are that you bought your Volkswagen for its smooth ride. So if you notice that you’re feeling every bump in the road as you drive, you may be experiencing issues with your Volkswagen’s suspension system. This occurs when the shocks or struts in your car are worn down and in need of replacement.

One helpful way to determine the status of your car’s shocks and struts is to push down on the hood of your vehicle with all of your weight. Release your weight and then watch how the vehicle moves up and down. If it moves up and down three or more times, your shocks need changing.

One Side of the Car Sits Lower than the Other

If you’ve noticed that the driver or passenger’s side sits lower than the other, or the front or back sags a bit more than the other, it could be due to low pressure in the suspension system. Typically this is a sign that the springs have become worn down or damaged.

This problem may become more apparent as you drive over bumps in the road, such as a speed bump. A clunking sound means a bad spring or shock.

Even a slight difference in height on one side of your vehicle should not be ignored. These types of problems tend to compound themselves, as a problem that is seemingly benign becomes more and more serious.

Car Pulls to One Side

This is one of the most annoying problems for any driver; the fight with the steering wheel to keep your car going straight. While a number of different problems could cause this, such as poor tire alignment or uneven tire pressure, it can also be a symptom of deeper issues within your suspension.

This is one of the hardest problems to diagnose because so many factors affect how your car may pull to one side of the road. A professional, trusted mechanic will be able to determine if suspension issues in your Volkswagen are to blame for the pulling to one side.

Steering Issues

Difficulties when steering, like the car is slipping as you turn or you find it difficult to keep it straight, could be related to several factors in the suspension or power steering system. A few common problems are low power steering fluid, a worn or loose power steering belt or a faulty power steering pump.

Car Leans When Accelerating

The shocks or struts in your car may need to be replaced if you notice that your Volkswagen tends to overreact to changes in momentum. The car may nosedive as you brake, lean backward as you accelerate or roll to one side as you turn a corner.

This is indicative of worn down springs or shocks that are not able to secure the vehicle’s position as well as it should.

What to Do About Suspension Issues

It’s pretty likely that you’ll spot any of the problems above if you’ve got suspension problems. Next is diagnosing the source of the problem. This can be pretty difficult. We recommend visiting an experienced auto shop as soon as possible, because suspension problems can quickly worsen.

Where to Go for Suspension Repairs and Service

Royalty Auto Service is the best resource in St. Marys, Georgia for all drivers that need repair or maintenance work on their vehicle. So if you’ve noticed any suspension issues in your Volkswagen, come by our shop.

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