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Sherwood Cooke Jr.

Sherwood Cooke Jr.


Sherwood Jr. was born in Portsmouth Naval Hospital. He moved from Virginia Beach to St. Mary’s in 1980. Sherwood has been in the automotive business for 27 years. He also has been coaching youth hockey for 15 years and is Director of Coaching at our local ice rink. His passions include – automotive technical training (sounds dorky but he loves to spend hours studying automotive technology), coaching kids, helping other coaches learn how to impact children in a positive way, spending time with his son and traveling.
Sherwood III

Sherwood III

Service Advisor

Sherwood III was born here in Saint Marys. He loves spending his weekends with his son, who is 3 years old. He also volunteers at the hockey rink and loves coaching kids of all ages, specifically goalies. He has played hockey since he was 6 years and has been a goalie since the very beginning. He absolutely loves sports and could sit down and watch virtually any game no matter what it is! His goal is to someday own the business and really change the way the automotive repair industry is viewed. He wants to take customer service to an entirely different level. He loves meeting new people and is super talkative and outgoing. He has had the pleasure of working at Royalty Auto Service since 2009, but has been around the business his entire life, and has truly grown to the love the industry in which he works in.

Hurricane Clean-up

What an amazing 3 days it’s been! It’s so awesome to see everyone coming together and helping people who need it most! Thank you so much to our volunteers and for everyone that spread the word! We love this town! #camdenstrong — with Sherwood Cooke III, Sherwood Cooke Jr., Chu Harris and Jackie Harris in St. Marys, Georgia.
A day later and more volunteers! What a blessing it was to have these people join us in helping today! We cleaned up three lawns that were in really rough shape! We all decided that we are going to close early tomorrow and keep at it! There are so many people in need of clean up that are not able to do it themselves. As I left our site today I drove by an elderly woman who was raking her yard in 9… See More — feeling blessed with Dara George and Beth Mcnichols in St. Marys, Georgia.